Toronto Law Firms

Hello everybody!

I just had an exciting week. I had the opportunity to visit a large law firm in Toronto, which allowed me to really reconnect with some old friends from the business. I hadn’t been in a huge skyscraper like that for years. I’m almost regretting my decision to come to Orillia, but then I just remind myself of the part of my commute that involved moving three kilometers in 30 minutes due to the traffic.

The view from the skyscrapers, however, was just incredible.

It was really great to be around all of those high quality, ambitious people once again. I hope that the people in Orillia I will work with the the future will be as good. Lawyers from Orillia family law firms seem to mostly be high quality people, but are afraid of being a part of the rat race that is a Toronto lawyer’s life.

Orillia family lawyers seem to mostly be very nice people, but something inside of me really misses the drive to succeed that a Toronto family lawyer has.


Law school cost

Hello everybody,

I have a bit of a rant today. I’d really like to discuss the costs of going to law school.

Law school, as any law student knows, is absurdly expensive and can put a student in debt for a majority of a person’s life, unless they can find an extremely good job after.

This is a far cry from around 25 years ago when law school was seen as the ultimate ticket to success, and the tuition could be paid off in a very reasonable amount of time.

Now, students are absolutely shafted, for lack of a better word. Something needs to change. Students are funneled directly into universities from as early as 16 or 17 years old, and the weight of a 50,000 dollar decision rests on their shoulders.

Lawyers aren’t paid what they once were, and a bachelor’s is effectively a new high school diploma. It’s absolutely absurd, and it hurts the economy.

It needs to stop. Something really needs to change.

I’m so glad that I graduated law school when I could, and am in the process of practicing family law in Orillia. My firm is really coming along. I think that I found an office right downtown, which is wonderful.

If you’re in the process of finding a family lawyer in Orillia, please send me an email and I’ll take up your case.

I’ll keep you all posted.


Finding Peace …

I love this. I can’t wait for Summer…. This cold is really wearing on me. I honestly think I get seasonal depression. I spent longer staring at this than I would care to admit.

Off to sleep now… it’s like 2 AM.



So, as you all know (the only people who actually probably are reading this are my family, anyway… and they know!), I am a family lawyer. I graduated from McGill’s Law School in 1998, and I’ve worked for a large practice in Toronto ever since. However, I’ve always yearned to live in a small town by a lake, which is exactly why I ended up moving to Orillia.

I really hope to open up a small practice in Orillia to serve the surrounding area. Usually family lawyers in Orillia do things like divorce and the like, with wills and estates being reserved for larger firms in Toronto. There’s a small blog I found that covers issues of Orillia law… It doesn’t look done, but I’ll keep my eye on it regardless. Here’s the link:

I’d really like to cover those kinds of things here in Orillia. Orillia has a large elderly population that I think would benefit from my services, and I am truly excited to be added to the small but prestigious ranks of Orillia family lawyers.

Hey Everyone!

Hey guys! I’m so excited to launch this blog. I made this to show my friends and anyone else who is interested what’s going on in my day to day life.

So basically, here I am! I just moved to Orillia! After visiting here and enjoying the Mariposa Folk Festival for the first time, Orillia had me hooked. It’s so beautiful here. The waterfront is stunning in the summertime, and I’m so excited to walk on the boardwalk once everything warms up.

Here’s a picture I found of the beautiful waterfront.

Orillia Ontario Waterfront

It’s a bit cold here, and there seem to be a lot of rednecks that are coming out of the woodwork this winter, but I’m so excited to see where my life will take me from here.